Featured Our products are all originally hand-painted and then reproduced.

As a result, they do not lose their artistic quality on the nail.

Save time and enchant your customers with creative and exclusive designs!

CURRENTLY there can be delivery times of 5-7 working days!

(The delivery takes place with a minimum order value of 20, - €.)

Here's a little tip for the application (that's how it works ☺️)

1. Prepare the nail as desired, including color

2. Apply a thin layer of gel. DO NOT CURE !!!!

3. Put tattoos in the water until it comes off and carefully place on a stamper.

4. Stamp the motif on the nail in the damp gel (the stamp also pushes out wrinkles at the same time)

5. cure!

6. Seal with gloss gel and you're done 😘